How to store raw cat food

How to store raw cat food

Your Moggi raw cat food will arrive frozen in an insulated box.  As soon as your food arrives, unpack the cat food pouches and place them into the freezer. 

You don't need to worry about defrosting large packs of meat and having left over cat food in the fridge. Our pouches contain 10 x 50g portions.  You only need to lift out and defrost as many 50g portions as you need for the next meal.  The rest of the pouch can remain frozen in the freezer.

Place the portions required for the next meal in your cats bowl and allow them to defrost.  The portions only take an hour or two to be ready.

All of our pouches are resealable making it easy to feed a different flavour at every meal. This keeps meal times interesting and exciting for your feline friend.



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