The benefits of a raw diet for your cat

The benefits of a raw diet for your cat

Providing your cat with a species appropriate diet has many health benefits.

Improved digestion

Cats are obligate carnivores.  They are meat eaters and their digestive system is perfectly designed for processing raw meat efficiently. Cats have no requirement for carbohydrate and have difficulty in digesting them which puts excess strain on the whole digestive system and leads to inflammation.

Less poop

Once the digestive system functions better it follows that the poops become better. A raw diet has no fillers so there is no excess waste for the body to get rid of.  Poops will be firmer, smaller and less smelly!

Healthier coat

A shiner and soft coat is the outward sign of the good changes that are going on inside. Cats find it easier to absorb the essential fatty acids from the natural raw foods.  You may also notice a reduction in hairballs too.

Improved dental health

Once the processed carbohydrates are removed from the diet tarter and gum disease can be reduced or even removed.  Especially if raw meaty bones are given as part of the new diet.

Improved urinary health

Cats are designed to get most of their moisture from the raw meats they eat, they do not have a strong drive to drink. Often cats fed a dry processed diet can suffer from chronic dehydration leading to inflammation and urine infections.  The high water content in a raw diet will mean there will be less chance of urinary tract infections.

Better weight regulation and more energy

A high protein based diet will help your cat have more energy.  These increased energy levels found on a natural diet will help your cat burn off those extra calories.  You will find your cat will become leaner and more muscled.

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