What is raw cat food?

What is raw cat food?

Raw cat food is 100% natural, nutritious food for your cat.  It is based on what your cat has evolved to eat as an obligate carnivore.  Obligate carnivores need meat in order to survive.  Raw cat food is 100% meat and is free from grains, fillers and preservatives.

A raw diet, based on what your cat would eat naturally, can support and improve your cats health in many ways:  helping digestion, teeth, joints, coat and overall well being.

Raw cat food is often roughly based on the ratio found in whole prey.  The 80/10/10 ratio of 80% meat, 10% bone and 10% offal.  Although some manufacturers alter this to nearer 83/7/10 to reduce down the bone content as many cats do best with less bone. (Moggi, Luna, Purrform).  The meat and offal content are extremely important for cats as they are a valuable source of taurine which is an essential amino acid that cats need.  Cats have a limited ability to manufacture taurine for themselves, or store it in their body. Therefore it is vital that their diet provides it for them.  

In the wild, cats would hunt, kill and eat a wide variety of prey. They would naturally consume the whole of their prey: muscle meat, offal, feathers and fur.  This variety would give them everything they need for a full balanced diet. 

Our domesticated cats rely on us to give them a species appropriate diet and raw cat food provides this for them.

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