Our Story

Welcome to Moggi

Moggi is a small family run business based in Buckinghamshire.  We are passionate about the health of our pets.  Seeing our own furry friends thrive on species appropriate food, and knowing the health benefits that a natural diet brings them made us want to share this with as many pet parents as possible.   

We realised that  to encourage more people to feed their cats a natural diet then we had to make is as easy as possible to feed. After all, not everyone likes handling raw meats. This is how our 50g Moggi meals were born.  

After much hard work, our passion has become a reality and we are tremendously proud to have created something that is truly special and that we 100% believe in.  Our Moggi meals are made from ethically sourced, top quality ingredients that provide the best raw food for our beloved cats. 

This quality and sourcing is a huge part of who we are as individuals and what we stand for as a business.  

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