Products and Packaging

Our individual Moggi meals are 50g each.  This makes our meals super convenient and really quick to defrost.  Each recyclable pouch has 10 x 50g portions inside so you only need to pop out as many individual portions as you need to feed for each meal.  The ultimate in ease and convenience whilst maintaining an excellent quality meal for your cat.

Our meals are handmade in our DEFRA registered kitchen by a small team that really care about the food they produce for your cat.  Every ingredient has been carefully thought out and meticulously sourced and measured to provide the best possible nutrition.

Our meats are kept at sub zero temperatures whilst mincing and portioning to maintain total freshness and then once portioned are individually blast frozen to lock in all the vital goodness. 

You will find the composition for each of our meals on each individual product page.  

We offer a Trial Box for ease of trying our food.  Each of our meals are also available separately as we understand the importance of tailoring your order to suit the specific needs of your cat.  These are available to purchase either by subscription or as and when you need them.  

We currently dispatch our food in tile lined polystyrene boxes.  We are striving to find a greener alternative to this and are currently testing out other options.  Our primary concern is getting the food to you in optimum condition.  At the time of writing this the tile boxes are the only packaging that achieves this aim.

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