How to switch your cat to a raw diet

How to switch your cat to a raw diet

Kittens will usually take to a raw diet easily, after all it's what they've evolved to eat.  Adult cats can take slightly longer and may require a bit of patience.  

The best approach to swopping over is the gradual one.

Whatever you are currently feeding, slowly begin to mix in a tiny amount of raw food.  Cats are naturally suspicious and are very sensitive to smell.  Some cats may dive in straight away; others may totally refuse at first. 

The key here is patience!  Keep going.

Some owners chose to crumble kibble over the raw food or mix in with some bone broth.  Others offer a bit of raw food as a treat off a spoon separate from the meal.

Once again the key here is patience! Keep going.

A couple of points to bear in mind:

 - Before starting the transition begin by regularising your meal times - even with kibble - no free feeding.  Meal times then become a routine.  

 - Introduce the new food in tiny amounts at first, don't be tempted to hurry.

 - Keep patient and calm around your cat, don't let them feel you are anxious.

How much raw food should I feed my cat?

The starting point is between 2-3% of your cat's body weight per day.  Every cat is different so depending on your cat's metabolism and activity you can adjust up or down accordingly.  

So if you were feeding your cat 2.5% per day you would feed: 

1kg cat: 25g  

2kg cat: 50g 

3kg cat: 75g 

4kg cat: 100g 

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