How much to Feed

This is where you expect to find our raw feeding calculator.

We firmly believe that every cat is an individual.  There is no one size fits all.  However we appreciate everyone needs a guide as to how much to offer their cat.

If you have a kitten under one year of age we recommend free feeding.  This does not mean leaving food out for them to graze on, it means to regularly offer your kitten food when they request it.  You cannot overfeed a kitten of this age. 

For adult cats over one year of age we base the amount to be fed on the weight of your cat.  For a house cat we would expect to feed 2% of their body weight per day.  However you need to be guided on how your cat is looking.  We want your cat to be sleek, lean and healthy without ribs being prominent.  If they are looking too lean then increase the amount offered.  Our small portions make adjusting the amount fed really easy to do. If your feline friend is carrying too many kilos, then start at 2% as raw food alone may be enough to drop some extra weight. 

If you need further help in deciding how much to feed then please get in touch.

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