Ingredients and Sourcing

We take great care in sourcing all the meats that make up our Moggi meals.  All the ingredients that go into our meals are human grade (this means that they would be suitable for the human market if they were not being sold to us) and ethically sourced from UK farms.  

We are proud that all our beef and lamb are grass fed.  It’s far better for the welfare of the animals, happy animals are healthier and so provide much better quality meat.  

All our poultry comes from ethical producers including free range farms where the birds have access to fields and sunlight which allows them to exhibit their natural behaviour.  These birds are slow grown which provides a  much higher quality meat.

Much of the game we use is wild.  Although this means it is seasonal, we truly believe it is the best natural meat to feed your cat.  Wild animals have a much more diverse habitat to feed from which in turn gives your cat a far wider level of nutrients than the farmed equivilant.

We do our best to keep using the same cuts of meat for each of our meals to provide a consistent recipe for your cat. This means our meals have fantastic flavour and texture and provide top notch nutrition for your feline friend

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