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* Based on an average cat weighing 4kg.

"Here at Moggi we have a true passion for all cats to be fed a species appropriate diet."

Why Moggi?

We are the raw cat food specialists! We know what our feline friends need and great care is taken over each meal we offer. All the food is carefully sourced and DEFRA approved. Raw food made specifically for cats.


    Being DEFRA approved means stringent processes are in place to ensure your cat's food is perfect.  All meals undergo strict lab testing for both salmonella and enterobacteriaceae.

  • Freshness

    All our meals are kept at strictly controlled temperatures to ensure the freshness is locked in.  This means that each meal your cat eats is as fresh as possible.

  • Balanced

    All meals have carefully balanced ratios of meat bone and offal, ensuring your cat gets everything they need to thrive.

  • Quick to defrost

    We've selected meals that make feeding your cat the species appropriate diet they've evolved to eat as simple as can be.  They're quick to defrost and provide your cat with all they need in convenient, easy to use meals.

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The Benefits Of Raw Food

Raw food is so much better for your cat and for you.

  • Healthier Teeth

    Feeding a raw diet to your cat prevents the buildup of tartar and plaque on our cat’s teeth causing bacteria. Bacteria can lead to gingivitis and longer term health problems.

  • Better Coat

    Your cat's coat will become shinier and healthier when fed a raw diet. As the diet is high in moisture it helps prevent itchy or flaky skin conditions.

  • Fewer Vet Visits

    A raw meat diet strengthens the immune system and puts far less strain on your cat's digestive and urinary systems. Because your cat will be in optimal health and have better oral hygiene,  vet visits will be a thing of the past.

  • More Energy

    The high protein diet that raw food provides will leave your cat feeling healthier, more energetic and more alert.

  • Really lovely customer service too!

    Really good quality raw cat food - my cat has been quite choosy over previous brands of raw but she seems to like most of the meats from moggi! Really lovely customer service too! RD

  • 50g portions are perfect for our cat

    Really great product - 50g portions are perfect for our cat, and so convenient for us humans too. The folks at Moggi are super friendly and accommodating. Absolutely 5 star service. NW

  • This product is excellent

    My cats have tried various raw foods and they’ve not been impressed. Moggi was the easiest transition for them and it’s really easy to manage. It took a week to have them completely on it which was really good.

    Both are rescue cats one with high anxiety over grooming and sensitive tummy. She now only brings up the odd hairball and at 10yrs she’s recently become more confident and now is much more agile.

    The customer service is excellent too. Delivery every 2 weeks and pop in freezer! SS

  • Great first experience of raw food

    Trying moggi raw for the first time my two ragdolls are loving it!

    The little disks are so easy and defrost quick so handy to have them in the freezer so they are super fresh. Lots of variety and so far they are fans of all the flavours. Great first experience of raw food. AM

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