Benefits of Raw

Just pause and think for a moment on what you consider to be a healthy human diet.  Hopefully it consists of real, fresh food, properly prepared in your kitchen.  

A healthy feline diet consists of species appropriate food.  In other words, consider what your cat would eat for themselves as a hunter. 

A complete and balanced raw food diet provides this for your cat.

The preservatives and additives found in many cat foods leave your cat’s coat dull and smelly.  On a raw diet you will find your cats coat silky soft and shiny.  Any skin soreness or redness should disappear. 

You will find your litter tray will smell less, and the amount of poop will reduce.  There is no wastage or bulk fillers in raw food.  Just 100% goodness that your cat’s body can absorb and use.

Your cat has no thirst drive.  They have evolved to get the moisture they need from their food.  Unfortunately this means that many cats are dehydrated and this leads to numerous urinary tract and kidney problems that are easily prevented by feeding a natural diet.  Raw food is made up of approximately 70% naturally occurring moisture, just like our human bodies.  The perfect source of moisture for your cat.

Raw fed cats have a stronger immune system which means that vet visits should be reduced.  Your cat’s body will be better equipped to fight off any viruses or bacteria they come up against.

Dental decay is a major issue for many cat owners and has a major impact on cats’ lives.  You will massively reduce the amount of tartar buildup by feeding a raw diet.  If you feed a meaty bone once a week you will avoid teeth problems altogether.

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