How to Switch

If your cat is already on a raw diet, it is still best to add a small amount to their existing food to get them used to the new flavours and textures.

If your cat is new to raw and currently on a wet diet then add a tiny amount of one portion to your cat's existing food and mix it in thoroughly.  Be guided by your cat, if they seem suspicious of the new food then continue adding a tiny amount until they seem more comfortable.  Then gradually increase the amount offered until the meal is 100% Moggi meals.  This can take days, weeks and occasionally months.

If you currently feed a dry food to your cat it can be a little more challenging and more patience is required.  Again add a tiny amount of raw to your cat's food, crumbling and mixing in the dry.  Keep doing this until you’re confident your cat is happy eating the new food and then increase the amount of Moggi you are feeding.  If at any time your cat refuses the new food, take a step back and reduce the amount until they are happy again.  Alternatively some cat parents introduce the raw at a separate time as a treat.  It really depends on the individual cat and the tastes and textures they’ve been exposed to.

Cats are natural hunters and their natural prey would be warm.  Whilst we do not recommend cooking our food due to the bone content, we do recommend letting it to get to room temperature before feeding.  Many cats prefer their food this way.

The key to transitioning your cat is patience.  Be guided by your cat.  As you already know they are naturally suspicious and will not be hurried.  

It is easy to get anxious and frustrated when your cat doesn’t automatically gobble up the food you have just got for them.  Don’t worry, follow the guidelines above and you will soon have a happy, healthy cat that appreciates the food you have carefully chosen for them.

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