Giving kittens the best start.

Moggi complete raw cat food contains everything your queen needs to raise stronger and healthier kittens and give them the best start in life they can possibly have. 

Raw feeding is the best diet for obligate carnivores as it replicates a cat's natural diet.  It is moisture rich, full of amino acids, high quality fats and vitamins that help your queen and her kittens to thrive. 

We know from speaking to breeders that one of their main concerns is making it as easy as possible for new kitten parents to continue to feed your kitten a raw diet.  Our 50g portions are the perfect solution for this, no mess or weighing involved just defrost and feed.  This gives new owners the confidence to continue the good work that  you have started.

Our breeders club is open to all registered breeders (TICA, GCCF or FIFE breeding licences).  Once you have provided a copy of your licence you will be able to enjoy our breeder benefits and discount.  We will also provide support leaflets and starter packs for your new kitten parents. 

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