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Boneless Beef

Boneless Beef

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These boneless beef meals are formed from quality grass fed UK ox trim and hearts.  Heart muscle is a perfect source of taurine and also contains large amounts of natural CoQ10, an important antioxidant for brain, heart, and cellular functions.

Hearts are also rich in collagen, which promotes joint health.

These meals are complementary as they are made up of only beef trim/heart.

Our 50g portions provide an easy, natural way of topping up your cat's taurine levels or diluting the bone content of other meals.

Each resealable pouch contains 10 x 50g balls. Free shipping on all orders.

Our portioned meals make feeding your cat a fresh raw diet hassle and waste free.


British grass fed beef heart

Typical Composition

Protein 17.7% Fat 3.94% Moisture 77.1% Ash 1.1% Fibre 0%

Feeding Guidelines

Feed 2-3% of the adult cat’s body weight per day.  Suitable for adult cats and kittens.

So if you were feeding your cat 2.5% per day you would feed: 

1kg cat: 25g 

2kg cat: 50g 

3kg cat: 75g 

4kg cat: 100g

Most cats prefer to eat their food at room temperature.

Free Shipping

Free Shipping is included in the price of all of our meals and subscriptions. No need for a code as it is automatically added at checkout. There is a minimum order of 4 pouches (2kg) to keep your food frozen on its way to you.

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