How can I keep my cat healthy?

How can I keep my cat healthy?

You are what you eat, or as Michael Pollan says 'you are what you eat eats!'

This saying was of course referring to human health, but it follows through into our pets health too. What goes into the body is vitally important as it gives the body (cat or human) the nutrients it needs for optimum health.  Therefore, we need the food we feed our cats to be as nutritious and bio-available as possible to stay healthy.

By providing your cats with a diet based on what they would eat in the wild, you are in the best position to be providing your cat's body with what it needs to thrive.  This species appropriate diet is highly digestible, full of nutrients and without any of the unnatural and unnecessary fillers, chemicals or toxins so regularly found in highly processed cat food today.

Moggi provides your cats with species appropriate, healthy meals. Carefully sourced UK meats using as much grass fed and wild natural prey as possible.  We believe that the quality of food is of paramount importance as good quality meat provides good quality nutrients for your cat.

By feeding a natural diet you will notice improved digestion and hardly any odour from the litter tray.  A shiny, glossier coat with little shedding and hairballs. Your cat will look leaner and have increased energy, and far better urinary health due to the naturally occurring moisture in real fresh food. 

Alongside food, ensure your cat's environment is healthy too.  Limit cleaners and sprays around the house as your cat will pick up these residues and ingest them.  Better still switch to probiotic cleaning products the ultimate pet friendly cleaners for a toxic free environment for you and your cat.

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