What is the best food for my cat?

What is the best food for my cat?

As cat lovers, we all want to give our cat the best possible food.

Cats are obligate carnivores. This means that they have evolved to eat only meat and need the nutrients that meat provides in order to survive.  In the wild they would consume prey such as rodents, birds, rabbits and other small mammals. Their biology is such that they use protein and fat as their energy sources. They have a minimal need for carbohydrates.

As natural hunters your cat’s stomach is highly acidic which allows them to eat raw meat and bone and protects them against any ingested bacteria such as salmonella.  

Cats have a very low thirst drive and would naturally derive the majority of their water intake from their natural food.  This is why cats absolutely thrive on a moisture rich raw diet.  Raw meat contains anything between 65% and 78% moisture.  Cats that are fed a dry diet are much more susceptible to health issues such as urinary tract problems and kidney issues as more often than not the cats are dehydrated from the unnatural dry diet.

Every bit of your cat’s natural prey is packed full of vital nutrients - meat, organs and bones.  - the most natural source of minerals such as calcium and phosphorous.  Proteins containing the essential amino acids such as lysine.  Fat soluble vitamins such as A, D and E.  The bones are healthy and safe as long as they are not cooked, and contain important marrow which has nutrients such as copper and iron.  All these nutrients are available in a highly digestible natural way.  No need for the synthetic additives that are found in dry foods.

The best food for your cat is a diet that is as close to what they would choose for themselves in a natural environment.  A food that their body is designed to digest and gain maximum nutrition from.  At Moggi raw cat food we strive to provide a natural diet that replicates what your cat would hunt for themselves.

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