When can I feed my kitten raw meat?

When can I feed my kitten raw meat?

Feeding your kitten a fresh raw diet is the best thing you can possibly do to give them the healthiest start in life.  They will develop better and their immune system will be healthier.  They are far less likely to develop dental and UTI problems in the future.

If your kitten's mum is fed raw, then your breeder may well have already introduced meat at around 3 weeks of age. Kittens will often just copy their mum and begin to eat up the meat.  Many breeders use tripe or minced chicken breast for this.

If your kitten has not been weaned onto raw, then you can either begin by introducing a small amount of raw meat, mixed in with their current food, or by offering some raw food alongside their existing meals.  If your kitten has been allowed free access to kibble then establishing a meal time is the first step that is needed to make the transition easier.

For further details on how to transition your cat onto a raw diet then read our free downloadable transition guide on how to do this effectively.

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